The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

Surveillance Capitalism & Privacy - Space/Time & Reality - Neurotech

Why these three trends?

We both work in VC funds. The main reason we do this job is because we enjoy reading and thinking about new technologies and trends. In the recent years a lot has been written on entrepreneurship and businesses such as social networks, mobile apps, marketplaces, ecommerce or SaaS. We still follow these industries and love it. But we also started witnessing the emergence of strong technological and political trends that, we think, will impact our society by a stronger order of magnitude. These three trends are: Neurotech and other new technologies related to the brain, Surveillance & Privacy, and finally the revolutions happening in our perception of Space/Time & Reality.

We are not experts in these fields and there are people who are much knowledgeable than us. We are just two curious guys who want to share interesting reads and their random thoughts to spark conversations. We believe that these three trends are major ones that will shape tomorrow's world and society and we believe that all three are deeply linked. If you look at the major internet companies, all are working on them in parallel (Facebook is betting a lot on mix reality / VR, neurotech and it's a surveillance capitalist firm. So are Google and Amazon).

We are also aware that everything on this page looks very serious and pompous. Be sure that we do that for fun and for the pleasure of interacting with people. If you are still not convinced, we can debate it over a Mario Kart race => Clement's Nintendo friend code: SW-2763-0395-5509

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